Please read carefully

We ask that all participants respect the staff, other participants, age requirements for open gym time, and the equipment. Facility policies and rules are not limited to what is displayed and may be amended at any time without notice. AMRC staff has the final say concerning safety & security. 

REFUND POLICY: No Refunds will be given for any reason. This includes missed classes due to personal reasons or weather emergencies. Program Cancellation: If the AMRC cancels a class, class members will receive a make up class. If the AMRC is unable to provide a make up class a credit will be issued (expires 1-year from cancellation date). 

Program Registration: Program participants must be active members at the time of registration and throughout the session (includes Walk-Ins) 

  • Members must register online or in person and should arrive early to complete the process and attend class on time.

  • Participants must meet age or grade prerequisites by the first day of the program in which they are enrolled.

  • The AMRC reserves the right to cancel or consolidate any class due to insufficient enrollment at any time.

  • If a program is cancelled due to low enrollment, participants will receive a credit  which will expires 1-year from the program cancellation date.

  • The AMRC may take pictures & video of participants for publicity purposes. If you don’t want your child photographed, please let us know.

Admittance, Membership Cards, and Participation: Access to the AMRC is limited to members only. 

  • Checking-In: All participants including Walk-Ins must have an active membership card and scan-in at the welcome desk each visit.

  • Parents/guardians are responsible to ensure your child has their membership card. Cards are not transferable to any other individual.

  • If a scan card is forgotten or lost, check in at the welcome desk. If it is not found, a replacement must be purchased for $1.00.

  • The AMRC reserves the right to change schedules for events/rentals. Patrons must exit the building no later than 10 minutes after closing.

  • The AMRC Open Gym is not a day care or babysitting service.

  • Please arrive at your child’s program end time to avoid late pick up fees.

  • BEACH PROGRAMS: Free parking is available at Hazelwood Park for fitness programs at West Beach.

Borrowing Equipment: You can swap your I.D to borrow a ball or a computer mouse. Equipment must be returned that day to the welcome desk. 
Valuables: The AMRC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Scooters & skateboards etc. are prohibited. Bikes must be parked in the bike rack outside (please bring a lock). 
Animals & Pets: Only service animals are allowed into the facilities. Please leave your pet at home. Pet owners must clean up after their pets. 
Drinks/Snacks: Are only allowed in the main entrance lobby. Only water bottles are allowed in the gym. Glass containers are not permitted. 
Weather Cancellations: If New Bedford Public Schools or city offices are closed due to weather conditions, the AMRC is closed for the entire day. 
Fit at the Beach: If the weather is rainy or the conditions are not conducive to running an outdoor class, the program will be moved to the Andrea McCoy Rec Center and run at its normal day and time. 
Special Needs & Medication: Individuals with medical needs are welcome and encouraged to participate. Contact the office for accommodations. 
Cell Phones/Cameras: Phone use is prohibited in the welcome desk lobby. Taking photos/video is not allowed without the permission of staff. 
Internet Usage: The AMRC only provides access to the internet. The department cannot and is not able to monitor any information on the internet for content or accuracy. The user is the ultimate judge of appropriateness, in the case of minors, this responsibility rests with their parents or legal guardians. The AMRC is not responsible for any negative consequences that may occur as a result of the internet connection. If the internet is being used inappropriately, the user will receive three warnings before rights to usage and membership are revoked. 

Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons & Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Courses are not suitable for pregnant women or for those who are recovering or suffering from neck, back, or knee problems. Children ages 10-17 years old must be accompanied in the class by their parent or legal guardian in order to participate. 

Code of Conduct for All Participants 

Our Code of Conduct promotes positive & courteous actions in the areas of behavior, physical contact, language & gestures, conversation, and attire. Membership privileges may be suspended or terminated if a violation of the AMRC Members’ Code of Conduct has occurred. The following will not be tolerated: 
1  Using or possessing illegal drugs, tobacco, or alcohol on AMRC property, or at AMRC sponsored programs or events. 
2  Harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language or any type of menacing behavior. 
3  Physical contact with another person in an angry, aggressive threatening or inappropriate way. 
4  Verbally abusive behavior, including angry, vulgar, offensive language, swearing or shouting. 
5  Inappropriate clothing is not allowed. Shirts and footwear must be worn at all times. Boots are not allowed in the gym. 
6  Patrons with poor hygiene or excessive body odor will be asked to leave the facility until the problem is corrected. 
7  Theft or behavior that results in the destruction or loss of property (restitution for damages may be required). 
8  Loitering in the main lobby, or front entrance stairs. 
9  Failure to exit the gym or other areas of the facility in a timely manner. 
10  Trespassing or gaining entry into the facility through emergency exits or other illegal means.

Any individual whose membership has been terminated is not eligible to reapply for membership until one year has passed from the imposed termination date.

In consideration of this application and/or the right to participate in this activity, I or my child, release the City of New Bedford, its employees, agents, representatives, and other persons or organizations for whose conduct the City may be responsible from any and all liability, loss damage, costs, claims and/or causes of action, including but not limited to all bodily injury claims and property damage resulting from or arising out of the use of premises, facilities, or equipment of the City of New Bedford, and/or caused in any way by the City of New Bedford, its employees, agents, representatives, and other persons or organizations for whose conduct the City may be responsible. I and/or my child are in the necessary physical condition to participate in the registered activity.  I authorize the staff to seek emergency medical care on my behalf or on behalf of child if needed. I will assume all costs associated with any such treatment. I have been informed of the program’s policies, including the refund policy, if applicable. I fully understand this waiver and voluntarily accept its terms.  I certify, under the penalties of law, this information is correct and I understand that the information I have provided on my family income is subject to verification by authorized representatives of the City of New Bedford Office of Housing and Community Development, and the U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development. This information will be kept confidential and used for funding monitoring purposes only.