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American Kenpo Karate Instructor 
Instructor: Donna Bosworth

Donna Bosworth leads our American Kenpo Karate Program for Self Defense. She has won world champion titles in weapons and is a 4th-Degree Black Belt. Donna also teaches at Dan D'onfro's World-Class Kenpo Karate Academy in Dartmouth, MA.
Pickleball & Tennis Instructor 
Pickleball Logo

Robert Ryan brings over 25 years of coaching experience in both tennis & pickleball. He was the Boys' Varsity Head Coach at New Bedford High School from 1985-2010. He has taught both tennis and pickleball at the Nonquitt Tennis Club and the Marion Indoor Tennis Club for 15 years.
Dance/Yoga Instructor 
Instructor: Nicole Gallo

Nicole Gallo Nicole is a 2018 graduate of Georgian Court University. She teaches: contemporary, ballet, modern, jazz, improvisation, and hip hop. Nicole is also a Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 200). In 2020, Nicole opened The Studio on Pope’s Island in New Bedford, MA.
Dance/Pilates Instructor 
Instructor: Steven Vaughn

Steven is a graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Steven has taught college dance programs at: Broadway Dance Center in NYC, U. of Penn and Harvard. He is co-owner and director of The Studio on Pope’s Island in New Bedford, MA.
Strength & Conditioning Specialist 
Coach: Norm Meltzer

Norman Meltzer is president of the New Bedford-based MW Strength & Conditioning. Norm has trained professional, Olympic, college, and high school athletes. He has an extensive background in Olympic style weightlifting. In 1995, he set two IAWA World Records.
Coach: Flag Football & QB/WR School 
Coach: Sam Schilling

Coach Sam Schilling currently coaches Quarterbacks and Defensive Line at GNB Voc-Tech in New Bedford. In addition to these duties, he coordinates the Bear's passing game. Previously, Sam coached at New Bedford High School and U-Mass Dartmouth.

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