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Ricketson's Nature Trail


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Facility Information

Brooklawn Park
New Bedford, MA 02740

Explore Our Urban Nature Trails
Kids love to explore nature and find it fascinating when given the opportunity. Wildlife can be found all around us when you take the time to look.  Use your five senses to explore these habitats with your family and friends.  Observe the change in seasons up close as you hike the trails and become familiar with the plants and animals that live there.

Ricketson’s Nature Trail is located in Brooklawn Park. This nature trail is located in a dense urban area and features unique woodland perennials and wildlife. This historic trail dates back to Daniel Ricketson’s residence in the 1800’s. We know that Ricketson cut out paths in the woods in October of 1855. You can walk the same trails that Henry David Thoreau would have walked while visiting Ricketson.

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